Airush Lithium Series



Extremely versatile freeride kite for riders at any level.

Incredibly stable with smooth and consistent drive.

Fast and simple to relaunch due to the delta hybrid design.

This is the kite that carved a new level of legendary versatility and performance in a single model. The Lithium is as comfortable in the hands of a first time kiter as the advanced rider looking for a lot of everything: freeriding, jumping, looping and waves.

As the Lithium continues to build this legacy, we have explored new construction options to further refine a product that caters to the unique demands of each rider. Try for yourself and see exactly why this is the world’s favorite freeride kite.




LITHIUM 5          € 979,00        solo kite

LITHIUM 6          € 1034,00        solo kite

LITHIUM 7          € 1089,00        solo kite

LITHIUM 8          € 1149,00      solo kite

LITHIUM 9          € 1199,00      solo kite

LITHIUM 10        € 1259,00      solo kite

LITHIUM 12        € 1369,00       solo kite

LITHIUM 14        € 1469,00       solo kite

LITHIUM 17LW  € 1529,00      solo Kite

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